About Creative Embedded

Creative Embedded is an embedded software/firmware consulting company with a strong focus on Open-Source. The majority of our projects are using Linux and Yocto/OpenEmbedded often combined with FPGA's for some added flavour, but also small micro-controllers or 7u servers can be used if that's the platform that makes most sense.

The core of Creative Embedded is me: Walter Goossens, but I have a network of independent developers that can be brought in if a specific skill is needed or the amount of work to be done is just too much for one man alone.

Before starting Creative Embedded I've been working in the Video Broadcast industry for almost 10 years where we made 24/7 running dedicated video appliances with FPGA's and processors running Linux.
During that time I've learned to love to achieve the impossible in an impossible time-frame but also to create solutions that make much sense (once they're done) that you are amazed no one has thought of it before, it's the most logical solution!

Crossing the boundary between software and hardware is another point of interest to me. I'm a trained software engineer but soon got intrigued by the power of HDL and noticed some difficult software problems are easily solved in HDL and the same is true for complex HDL problems that are a breeze in software. Clever design and knowing what domain best solves a certain problem is the key to success in more demanding embedded projects.